Kiowa County, KS Giant Three Inch Hail Stones – 5/13/2018

Footage shot 4 miles south of Greensburg in Kiowa County just before 6pm. Hail over 3″ was measured and covered the ground south of Greensburg. The storm was at its peak intensity at this point but quickly weakened as it approached US-54 east of Greensburg. Hail up to 1 inch fell on the highway causing a few drivers to pull over, but the massive hail had ended prior to it moving over the highway. The storm passed between Greensburg and Haviland, neither town taking major impacts from the storm.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot slowly backing up as larger-than-baseball hail falls and covers the street.

Scene 2: Large hail covering the road as 3-plus inch hail falls.

Scene 3: Dash cam video as large hail falls.

Scene 4: Large hail falls on the road and covers the ground.

Scene 5: Shot as baseball hail starts to fall at the start of the storm.

Scene 6: Large hail starting to cover the road as storm moves in.

Scene 7: Hail falling and bouncing off the ground.

Scene 8: POV driving shot on US-54 as storm moves over the highway east of Greensburg, while weakened significantly by this point, small hail and very heavy rain were still falling.

Scene 9: Shot of two cars pulled off the shoulder with a cop car pulling in front of one of the cars.

Scene 10: Four very large hailstones in hand.

Scene 11: Shot of a hailstone 45 minutes after the storm put next to a large dent and paint chip in vehicle.

Scene 12: Panning shot of hail damaged hood.

Scene 13: POV driving shot of rainbow over US-54

Scene 14: Shot of storm clouds.

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