Southern PA Severe Storms Damage – 5/10/2018

During the evening hours of May 10th several severe storms roll through various areas of southern Pennsylvania. A storm in southern York County, Pa had a brief tornado warning in the Stewartstown area. Several roads were closed due to trees and wires down and several houses in Stewartstown, Pa had trees on them.
Shot Description

Linglestown, Pa :

Clip 1: Severe storm passing through area rapidly and a lightning strike hits close by camera.


Stewartstown, Pa :

Clip 2: BGE Utility truck drives by, cut trees that were blocking roadway seen on other side of road.

Clips 3 & 4: Utility crew vehicles seen down road, worker in bucket truck (coming down)

Clip 5 : Utility crew vehicles parking in driveway

Clips 6 & 7 : Wide & medium shots of multiple trees broken in half, down on ground / uprooted

Clip 8 : tight shot to wide of road closed sign and tree down in roadway, people talking about storm off to the right.

Clip 9 : Medium to wide shot & pan left – big piece of tree down in roadway with wires in roadway

Clip 10 : Shot showing utility wire still attached to other wires and brought down by big tree branch (pan to right, tight and medium)

Clip 11 : Big part of tree down in roadway with wires underneath, owners of house looking at damage (pan right)

Clips 12 – 14 Multiple angles of big tree blown over with roots exposed leaning on house (wide shot looking up, tight shot on exposed roots to wide shot looking up, wide shot looking down towards exposed roots at base of tree – to tight shot)

Clips 15 & 16 : (wide to tight shot & tight to wide shot ) branch of tree into roof / upper level of house


Shrewbury, Pa :

Clips 17 & 18 : Wide shots of traffic signals flashing red & yellow with traffic.


Linglestown, Pa

Clip 19 : Wide shot of storm that passed through area rapidly, curtains of rain seen falling in distance

Clips 20 & 21 : Wide shots of people & children outside by baseball field despite heavy rains that went through area and dangerously close lightning strikes

Clip 22 : Wider shot of rapid moving storm in distance


Clips 23 – 25 : Severe thunderstorm seen in distance moving away from Stewartstown area (tight, medium, wide shots)

SID: J Marc Harris

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