Pratt, KS Severe Storm – 5/2/2018

The second day of a large severe weather outbreak continued across Kansas as more severe storms ripped across the state. An intense line of storms moved across central Kansas mid-afternoon bringing hail and very high winds. Video shot in Pratt, Kansas as the airport three miles north of town measured a wind gust of 90mph. Lots of small hail and minor street flooding also occured.

Shot Description
Scenes 1-2: Shots of gas station as high winds and rain move in.

Scenes 3-4: Oncoming traffic in driving rain and hail as streets start to flood.

Scene 5: Man at grocery store fighting wind and rain getting in his car.

Scene 6: Shot of heavy rain and wind in parking lot.

Scene 7: Black pickup truck driving by in rain and hail.

Scene 8: Shot of hail driving into water flowing down street.

Scene 9: Small hail starting to cover street.

Scene 10: Wide shot of gas station sign as wind and rain hammer the town.

Scene 11: POV driving shot approaching shelf cloud.

Scene 12: Blinding rains west of Pratt driving down the highway.

Scene 13: Traffic in town after storm dumps rain and hail.

Scene 14-15: POV driving shots passing a bunch of vehicles pulled off the side of the highway west of Pratt.

Scene 16-18: Various shots of gust front of storm.

SID: John Galt

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