I94 Wright County MN Winter Storm Travel Headache – 4/3/2018

Another powerful winter storm system impacted the southern half of Minnesota today with heavy snow that caused another travel headache on Interstate 94.

The Minnesota State Patrol reports statewide from 8:45 pm 4/2/18 to 8:45 pm 4/3/18 (24 hours): 421 crashes (32 with injury, 0 serious/fatal) & 402 vehicle spin out/off road & 15 jackknifed semis trucks.

All footage shot on Interstate 94 from Clearwater, MN to Monticello, MN in Wright County.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Sign warn of crash ahead.

Clip 2 Several cars that crashed near Clearwater, MN.

Clip 3 – 8 Stage Patrol and tow truck responding to a crash east of Clearwater, MN.

Clip 9 Truck driving on ice covered roadway with blowing snow.

Clip 10 – 11 MNDot Sign warning drivers with spelling errors that is pretty funny.

Clip 12 POV Shot of a state trooper vehicle in the snow and ice covered road.

Clip 13 – 14 POV driving on ice covered interstate with blowing snow

Clip 15 – 19 MNDot Plows on Interstate 94 trying to keep up with the refreeze and new snow making the roads very slippery.

Clip 20 Crash on I-94 east of Clearwater, MN.

Clip 21 SUV in the ditch near Monticello, MN.

Clip 22 Vehicle being recovered.

Clip 23 Trucks driving slow on I-94 on the glare ice that is covering the roadway.

** After sunset footage shot in Monticello, MN **

Clip 24 – 25 Jack Knifed Semi truck on I-94

Clip 26 Semi Truck that spun out and facing westbound in the east bound lanes.

Clip 27 MNDot Plow passing and panning on I-94 and push into the Semi Truck facing the wrong way on the Interstate.

Clip 28 Van in the ditch.

Clip 29 Truck that crashed into a retaining wall on I-94.

Clip 30 Truck blowing the stop light at the exit ramp on I-94 in Monticello.

SID: John Galt

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