Stearns County, MN Slick Roads – 3/26/2018

The winter weather in central Minnesota with freezing rain, sleet and heavy wet slushy snow made for a tricky evening commute in Saint Cloud, MN.

Footage from along Interstate 94 in Saint Cloud and just west of the city in Stearns County, MN. B-Roll of cars in the ditch, snow plows and crashed vehicles.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Sign for Interstate 94 with snow falling in Avon, MN

Clip 2 Traffic at Highway 23 and Highway 15 in Saint Cloud, MN

Clip 3 – 6 Vehicle in the ditch in Collegeville, MN

Clip 7 Traffic on 2nd street in Saint Cloud, MN

Clip 8 – 9 Overhead shots of plows on Interstate 94

Clip 10 POV Snow Plow

Clip 11 Traffic on Interstate 94 in Avon, MN

Clip 12 – 13 Snow plow on Interstate 94 in Avon, MN

Clip 14 Passing shot of snow plow on Interstate 94

Clip 15 Traffic in Heavy Snow near Albany, MN on I-94

Clip 16 POV passing shot of a car spun out on I-94 near Albany, MN

Clip 17 – 20 Snow plows on I-94

Clip 21 – 28 Footage of an accident scene in Saint Cloud at 25th Ave North and 8th Street North. Lots of B-Roll of the vehicles damaged but nobody was seriously injured due to this accident.

Clip 29 – 30 Saint Cloud snow plow driving towards and through the scene of the accident and spreading salt on the roads.

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