Marlborough, MA Deep Snow Winter Storm – 3/13/2018

Over 2 feet of snow dumped on parts of Marlborough and surrounding suburbs of Boston area from third powerful March Nor’easter to hit New England All footage shot in/near Marlborough MA during evening daylight and darkness on March 13, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1 & 2. heavy snow falling in street lights 3. woman clearing sidewalk with snow blower 4-6. various shots of truck accident stuck in deep snowy ditch after sliding off snow-covered I-495 near Marlborough MA 7 & 8. shots of traffic driving in very low visibility heavy snow 9 & 10. shots of pedestrians walking through very heavy snow falling 11 & 12. shots of front loader attempting to clear parking lot creating mountains of snow 13 & 14. shots of near whiteout conditions on I-495 near Marlborough MA 15-19. various shots of snow plows trying to clear deep snow from roads and highways in Marlborough MA 20. driving shot of neighborhood buried in over 2 feet of snow in Marlborough MA 21-28. various shots of vehicles buried in over 2 feet of heavy wet snow in Marlborough MA 29. shot of court house tower in Marlborough MA 30. pushed in shot of downtown Marlborough MA 31 & 32. shots of picnic table buried in over 2 feet of snow in Marlborough MA 33. pushed-in shot of car driving through very heavy snow in downtown Marlborough 34. man walks and passed by car with heavy snow falling in Marlborough 35. POV driving shot of slow moving traffic with very low visibility on I-495 near Marlborough MA 36 & 37. POV driving shots of snow-covered trees weighed down by heavy wet snow 38. shot of near whiteout conditions on I-495 near Marlborough with very heavy snow falling and blowing SID: Simon Brewer

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