Freezing Rain Winter Storm – Saint Cloud, MN 3/5/2018

A powerful winter storm system is hitting the upper Midwest. Just to the northwest of the Twin Cities on the Interstate 94 corridor, the worst of the weather is freezing rain mixed with sleet and snow that is making for harsh travel conditions. Various Clips of crashes and bad weather in and around the Saint Cloud, MN area. Shot Description Clip 1 VO with POV driving past a jackknifed semi in on Interstate 94 Clip 2 – 6 Crash on 9th Ave in downtown Saint Cloud, MN were the driver took out a stop sign and slide into an snow bank. Clip 7 Snow Plow close up passing by the camera. Clip 8 – 9 Snow plows on Interstate 94 Clip 10 Van in the ditch and snow plows passing by on Interstate 94 at the county line. Clip 11 Van stuck in the ditch trying to get out but just spinning its wheels. Clip 12 – 14 various clips of ice on signs. Clip 15 – 17 Van being pulled out of the ditch on I-94 Clip 18 – 22 Various shots of snow plows. SID: Doug Kiesling

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