Herrin, IL Daytime Flash Flooding – 2/24/2018

In the midst of a severe weather outbreak on Saturday, extreme rains added to an already ongoing flood situation, leading to flash flooding across southern Illinois as over 3 inches of rain fell in two hours, bringing the weekly total to near 10 inches in a few places. Flash flooding occurred in numerous towns across southern Illinois.

Video package shot in Herrin, Illinois about 2 hours southeast of St. Louis and includes footage of emergency crews closing roads as well as rushing water down neighborhood streets.

Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of flooded neighborhood in Herrin with a IMPASSABLE DURING HIGH WATER sign.

Scene 2: Wide shot of downtown Herrin flooded as cars drive through the streets.

Scene 3: POV windshield shot of a truck stopping due to rushing water on the street ahead of him.

Scene 4: Woman with blue umbrella checking on older lady as water rises to her doorway.

Scene 5: Shot of umbrella lady talking to older lady with water in the doorway.

Scene 6: Older lady brushing water out of the building.

Scene 7-8: NAT sound of fire truck sirens as they arrive to rushing water on a Herrin road.

Scene 9: Fire truck arriving on scene of several cars that were stalled and pushed out of waters earlier.

Scene 10: Fire truck sitting at flood intersection.

Scene 11-12: Man walking through flood waters and holding on to fence to keep his balance.

Scene 13: Silver SUV driving through flooded street.

Scene 14: Pickup truck driving away from camera through deep flood waters.

Scene 15: BLack car driving through flood waters.

Scene 16: SUVs crossing each other in flooded intersection.

Scene 17: White truck turning through flooded intersection at the camera.

Scene 18: Parked car in flood waters.

Scene 19: Water rushing down street passed brick building.

Scene 20: Water rushing passed base of stop sign.

Scene 21: Shot of entire stop sign with water rushing down the street.

Scene 22: Wide shot of flooded street.

Scene 23: Passing traffic in flooded street.

Scene 24: Water raging passed intersection.

Scene 25: Two cars parked in flood waters.

Scene 26: Flooded neighborhood street.

Scene 27-29: POV driving shots in torrential downpour.

SID: Tony Laubach

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