Saint Cloud, MN Snow Storm Car Crashes – B-roll 2/22/2018

B-Roll of the snow covered roads, crews cleaning the roads and crews recovering crashed and spun out vehicles around Saint Cloud, MN as the heavy snow continues to fall during the overnight hours. Shot Description Clip 1 Saint Cloud / Minneapolis Saint Paul road sign on Interstate 94. Clip 2 – 6 Crash on 9th street south near Saint Cloud State Campus. Clip 7 – 8 Vehicle crashed on interstate 94 and 75 just west of town. Clip 9 – 11 Vehicle that had its undercarriage ripped apart and the front wheel hanging after crashing in the snow. Clip 12 – 14 Neighbors cleaning off their cars Clip 15 – 17 Car on 25 and Division that slide onto the center divider and got stuck. Clip 18 Car stuck in the ditch on Interstate 94 just west of Saint Cloud Clip 19 – 21 Snow plow on Highway 23 in downtown Saint Cloud. Clip 22 POV drive by of tow truck recovery. Clip 23 Driving in heavy snow. Clip 24 Bucket loader driving down Division in the snow storm. SID: Doug Kiesling

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