Hobart and Lake Station, IN Flooding Cresting – 2/22/2018

Video of flooding across Northwest Indiana in Hobart and Lake Station, IN. Over 4-6″ of rain fell across the region over several days, combining that with snowfall that was equivalent to up to an extra 1″ of water, and frozen grounds allowed for significant flooding to occur across the region. Shot Description Clips 1-13: Flooding along Lake George in Hobart, IN. Closing S Washington St and flooding properties along the shore line of Lake George. Clips 14-15: Flooding of Hobart water treatment plant Clips 16-24: Flooding along Deep River and Ripley St in Lake Station, IN. One house was partly submerged and another house was surrounded by water. Nearby roads were closed and water flowing under Ripley St was up to the bridge. SID: Will Wight

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