Central Park NYC Record Warmth, 2/21/2018

Temperatures reached the mid 70s in NYC, shattering the old record in place for many decades, and New Yorkers and tourists get out and about in Central Park to enjoy the temperatures more reminiscent of early May than Mid February. Shot Description Shot 1: A family enjoys a picnic in Sheeps Meadow in Central Park. Shot 2: People gather on a cliff overlooking Central Park, and Central Park South. Shot 3: Tourists gather for a picture in Central Park. Shot 4: A woman in spring weather clothes takes a break from jogging in Central Park. Shot 5: Panning shot of the skyline along Central Park South, down to tourists sitting on a cliff overlooking Central Park as they enjoy the spring like weather. Shots 6-7: A group of friends have lunch outdoors near Wollman Rink in Central Park. Shot 8: A mother takes a drink of water, as she and her daughter take in the sights in Central Park. Shots 9-11: People ice skating on a half melted Wollman Rink. Shot 12: A girl gets her portrait drawn by an artist in Central Park. Shot 13: A family takes a horse and carriage ride around Central Park. Shots 14-15: People out and about enjoying the spring like weather in Central Park. Shot 16: Wide angle shot of Bethesda Terrace, and Bethesda Fountain. Shot 17: A lady takes a picture of a couple next to Bethesda Fountain. Shot 18: A man walks with his coat draped over his shoulder in Central Park. Shot 19: Temperature sign. Shot 20: Lock down shot of the Plaza Hotel on Central Park South with sunny skies. Shot 21: People walking through the “Mall” in Central Park. SID: Scott McPartland

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