Heavy Snow Rollover Crash in South IL – 2/17/18

A unexpected heavy burst of snow Saturday morning caught people in southern IL off-guard as giant snow flakes came down extremely heavily at points during the morning, leading to reduced visibility and slush-covered roads including I-57 south of Marion where a major crash occurred. A semi and a pickup truck were involved in a wreck and the pickup truck ended up on its roof. The driver was taken away by ambulance, no word on their condition. Snow accumulated an inch in as little as 15 minutes in some places, while most locations received an inch or two over a couple hours. The National Weather Service issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for the surprise snow just after 9am lasting only three hours until noon. Shot Description Scenes 1-2: Wide shots of crash scene south of Marion on I-57 showing red pickup truck on its roof in the median with a semi truck crashed across the entire median. Both directions had backups over a mile as the inside lanes were closed. Scene 3: Shot of overturned pickup truck with police truck behind it. Scene 4: Shot of overturned pickup truck with police truck. Scene 5: Tight shot of overturned pickup truck. Scene 6: Shot of person talking to police in truck with overturned pickup in foreground. Scene 7: Shot of tow truck pulling the pickup truck onto its side. Scene 8: Shot of pickup truck being pulled more on its side as headlights turn off. Scene 9: Pickup truck being pulled back onto four wheels, passenger door flies open and closed when truck hits ground. Scene 10: Shot of gold semi truck crashed in median with ambulance next to it. Scene 11: Tighter shot of gold semi truck in median with ambulance next to it. Scene 12: POV driving shot in heavy falling snow with slushy roads. Scene 13: Wide shot of Carterville overpass with traffic as very heavy snow falls. Scene 14: Shot looking down a street as traffic passes through very heavy falling snow. Scene 15: Shot of Route 13 traffic driving in heavy snow. Scene 16: Traffic passing in the background with heavy snow falling against trees. Scene 17: Shot of giant flakes falling heavily against trees. Scene 18: Shot of giant flakes falling against pine tree. Scene 19: Shot of giant flakes falling against pine tree. Scene 20: Shot of large flakes covering the windshield of a van, you can hear the snow falling. Scene 21: Giant flakes hitting blacktop and melting.

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