Amazing time-lapse of the cruise ships with the Miami, FL skyline – 2/9/2018

Dawn to dusk HD time-lapse high above Miami Beach FL looking down at Government Cut, the port of Miami and the Miami skyline. Shipping traffic, cruise ship traffic, boat traffic and an amazing sunset behind the Miami Skyline. Shadows from clouds racing waters of Biscayne Bay. Shot Description 1) Starts at sunrise looking from Miami Beach at edge of the Government cut looking west towards the port of Miami and downtown Miami. 2) TC 00:22:00 – Huge Maresk container ship leaving the port. 3) TC 00:48:21 – Container ship arriving 4) TC 03:13:07 – Cruise ship departing. 5) TC 03:20:00 – Disney Cruise ship departing. 6) TC 03:30:00 – Sun setting behind the Miami skyline SID: Broadwave

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