Snow & Accidents in Dutchess County, NY – 2/7/2018

A moderate winter storm affected the Northeast early on Wednesday morning with 2-4″ of snow & ice, creating difficult travel conditions and several accidents. Shot Description SHOT 1: A tow truck and State Trooper help a stranded motorist who slid off I-84 in the snow. SHOT 2: A snow plow approaches, plowing a path in a parking lot. SHOT 3: A woman cleans off her car in a parking lot. SHOT 4: A group of people work to shovel the walk in front of a restaurant. SHOT 5: A state plow truck passes by while clearing Route 9. SHOT 6 & 7: Shots of traffic driving in heavy snow on Interstate 84. SHOT 8: Traffic driving in heavy snow along Route 9. SHOT 9: A snow brush clears a walkway in front of an office building in heavy snow. SHOT 10: A person bundled up for the cold, pushes a shopping cart through falling snow. SHOT 11: Tight shot of a person walking through the falling snow. SID: David Lewison

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