Seven Car Crash In Williamson County, IL – 2/7/2018

An overnight ice storm hammered portions of southern IL for several hours Wednesday morning, leading to extremely hazardous roads. A 7-car crash occurred along IL Route 13 east of Harrisburg in the westbound lanes. A semi, SUV and trailer, a utility van, and four other vehicles were involved. One SUV was knocked completely off the road into the ditch. There were a few minor injuries, but nothing serious. Other crashes occurred across the region due to the icy roads Wednesday morning. Shot Description Scene 1: Wide shot looking back at the accident scene with numerous crashed and emergency vehicles. Scene 2: Wide shot looking from behind accident scene of the line of vehicles. Scene 3: State Trooper in the ditch opening the doors of the vehicle that was knocked off the road. Vehicle in the ditch spun 180-degrees. Scene 4: Shot of Trooper talking to vehicle occupants. Scene 5: Trooper closing passenger door of vehicle in the ditch. Scene 6-8: Various angles of SUV in the ditch with exhaust steam rising from tailpipe. Scene 9: Green and white trucks that collided sitting on the shoulder. Scene 10: Shot of damaged green truck driver side. Scene 11: Shot from behind of the green and white truck, both showing damage on the driver’s side. Scene 12: Wide shot of the green and white truck with the bed cover of the green truck laying in the grass in the foreground. Scene 13: Shot of Trooper talking to the drivers while tow truck gets white truck on the truck. Scene 14: Tight shot of green truck damage on the driver side. Scene 15: Tight shot of driver’s side damage near the wheel of the white truck. Scene 16: Shot of two tow trucks with green and white trucks with police in the foreground. Scene 17: Damaged red SUV on the inner shoulder facing the opposite direction. Scene 18: Shot of damaged red SUV with driver sitting in the driver seat looking dejected. Scene 19: Pickup truck bed cover in the foreground with trailer and utility van in the background. Scene 20: Shot of damage to the driver side of the semi truck. Scene 21: Wide shot of the semi truck and several vehicles in the background. Scene 22: Panning shot of a tow truck blocking the highway until it pulls away, panning with truck as it passes accident scene. Scene 23: Separate accident involving red pickup truck that slid off the road into some trees. Scene 24: Dashcam shot of two people trying to push pickup truck out of the mud, unsuccessfully. Scene 25: Man examines the truck stuck in the trees. Scene 26: Wide shot of street sign blinking with truck crashed in trees. SID: Tony Laubach

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