Snow Storm And Accidents from Hopewell Junction, NY – 1/17/2018

A moderate winter storm affected the Northeast early on Wednesday morning with 4-6″ of snow, creating difficult travel conditions and several accidents. Shot Description SHOT 1 & 2: Police & fire crews blocking off an icy road, where a truck slid down an embankment. SHOT 3: A state plow truck passing by while clearing the road. SHOT 4 & 5: A pair of plow trucks clearing a main state highway in the snow. SHOT 6: Low-angle shot of a person using a snowblower to clear a path through 5″ of snow. SHOT 7: A person using a snowblower to clear their driveway. SHOT 8: A person shoveling a sidewalk. SHOT 9: Two people shoveling and snow blowing a sidewalk. SHOT 10: A person walking down a snow-covered street with an umbrella. SHOT 11 & 12: Passing by a police roadblock due to an accident. SHOT 13: Police blocking an intersection and waving traffic to a detour, due to an accident. SHOT 14: A snow plow truck standing on the side of a highway. SID: Dave Lewison

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