Indiana Ice Storm 1/12/2018

Ice Storm hits the heartland with Winter Storm Warnings across several states. Footage of heavy freezing rain and sleet causing problems across southern Indiana: bringing down trees on Interstate and causing treacherous driving conditions.

All footage shot during morning daylight on January 12, 2018 near Sulpher IN by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. POV passing shot of snowplow clearing and salting ice covered Interstate 64 in Southern Indiana near Sulpher

2 & 3. shots of ice covered treacherous Interstate 64 in southern Indiana hit by freezing rain and sleet

4 & 5. shots of gas pump covered in “glaze ice” from freezing rain in southern Indiana

6-8. various shots of “glaze ice” covered signs in southern Indiana from heavy freezing rain

9 & 10. police vehicles blocking traffic from falling trees from heavy weight of freezing rain ice along Interstate 65 in southern Indiana

11-13. shots of snow plows dumping lots of salt on ice-covered highways in southern Indiana

14. electronic highway sign on Interstate 64 warning of “Winter Storm Warning”

15 & 16. POV driving shots of traffic on ice-covered Interstate 64

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