Extreme Wind Chills, Mount Airy, MD – 1/4/2018

Extreme cold and wind brings deadly wind chill factor to Maryland. *good wind NATS* Shot Description 0-06 Landscaping plant blows violently in the wind 06-16 Cold shopping center with strong winds 16-24 Wide of car driving by electronic sign 24-26 Med of electronic sign 26-33 Tight of 14F on sign, moon in background 33-39 A yellow pansy, frozen to the ground, being battered by wind 39-45 Med of frozen parking lot 45-50 Car drives by gas station, revealing trash bag being blown by the wind 50-58 Wide shot of cold gas station in the high wind 59-117 An American Flag is whipped by the wind, framed with nearly full moon *strong video*

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