Extreme Blizzard with heavy snow and whiteout condition in Brewster, NY – 1/4/2018

Footage of the Blizzard / Nor-Easter from the backside of the storm in Brewster, NY as the frequent wind gusts over 40mph created instant whiteout conditions in the heavy snow squalls. B-Roll of the miserable conditions and people struggling to cope with the weather. Shot Description SHOT 1: A person struggles to pull a shopping cart in whiteout blizzard conditions. SHOT 2: Whiteout blizzard conditions in a parking lot makes cars disappear from view. SHOT 3: A strong wind gust creates an instant whiteout with a loading dock in the background. SHOT 4: Blizzard conditions rage with a local storefront in the background. SHOT 5: A car struggles to pull out into an intersection on slippery roads. SHOT 6: An SUV pushes a stuck car out of an intersection. SHOT 7: Passing by a stuck car on the side of I-84. SHOT 8: Passing by a struggling tractor trailer on I-84. SHOT 9: Strong winds whip up a whiteout of snow past a parked car. SHOT 10: Driving on I-84 as a sudden gust creates near zero visibility. SHOT 11: A person struggles against the wind while walking. SHOT 12: A front end loader plows snow up high in a parking lot. SHOT 13-14: A person struggling while walking in blizzard conditions. SHOT 15: A snow plow passes by and then disappears into the blizzard. SHOT 16: People loading up a truck disappear from view in the heavy snow.

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