Ice Is Never 100% Safe, Ice House Recovery – Poskin, WI 1/2/2018

While temps may have been subzero for sometime now. There are spots on area lakes that still aren’t that safe do to the snow cover on the ice. This video package shows an Ice Castle that broke through the ice, along with the recovery from Poskin Lake. Shot Description Clips 1-4 Different shots of the an ice castle that broke through the ice. Clip 5. Ice recovery crew getting setup to recover the ice castle. Clip 6. Diver is cutting away the ice from the ice castle. Clip 7. Crew is removing ice from the ice castle. Clip 8- 9. Crew is lifting the ice castle. Clip 10. The crew pulling the ice castle to safer ice. Clip 11-12. People watching the ice castle recovery efforts.

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