Saint Cloud, MN Wreck Recovery and Rolling Road Block – 12/15/2017

Another quick coating of snow on the roads tonight created a false sense of security that was enough to catch drivers off guard in Saint Cloud, MN. The half inch of snow turned the roads into a skating rink on Highway 15 and Interstate 94.

B-Roll footage of a multi vehicle crash and recovery along with a “Rolling Road Block” by the State Patrol to slow down drivers on Interstate 94.

4K Footage.

Clip 1 Tight shot of Engine 2 with SCFD on the scene of a multi vehicle wreck on Highway 15.

Clip 2 Wide shot of the crash scene with a Volvo right up next to the fence near the camera.

Clip 3 Silver car with a smashed in front end being loaded on the back of a tow truck.

Clip 4 Wide shot of Engine 2 at the scene.

Clip 5 Car being secured on the back of the tow truck.

Clip 6 State Patrol with the crash.

Clip 7 POV Drive by shot of the scene on 15.

Clip 8 Rolling Road Block on Interstate 94 with VO describing what is happening.

Clip 9 Crash on Interstate 94.

Clip 10 Snow plow on Interstate 94.

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