Hurricane Maria Aftermath Damage in Yabucoa, PR – 9/22/2017

CAT 5 Hurricane Maria Leaves Eastern Puerto Rico Devastated: Shots of decimated forests, de-bladed wind turbines, destroyed buildings, storm surge flooded highways, and landslides on Highway. City of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico devastated from direct hit by powerful CAT 4/5 Hurricane Maria: Footage of stadium destroyed, vegetation shredded with hillsides nearly bare, damaged homes, impassable roads, flooded neighborhoods, massive fuel/oil reservoire tank smashed from severe winds, animals impacted from Hurricane All footage shot during morning daylight on September 20, 2017 in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico by meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer Shot Description 1 & 2. shots of decimated forest obliterated by CAT 5 Maria near Humacao PR 3-6. various shots of wind turbines de-bladed with large blades laying in surrounding fields from CAT 5 winds near Naguabo PR – storm surge flooding over Highway 3 near Fortuna PR – shots of homes destroyed near Humacao PR – various shots of several landslides on Highway 53 near Humacao PR 7-10. various shots of heavily damaged home in Yabucoa, PR 11. shot of K-Mart trailer with other debris in ditch after being thrown by high winds in Yabucoa PR 12. shot of massive fuel/oil tank partially collapsed by extreme winds of Hurricane Maria in Yabucoa PR 13. shot of dented fuel tank with destroyed facility in Yabucoa PR 14. slow driving shot of devastated buildings and vegetation in Yabucoa PR 15. Yabucoa City officials observing damage around shelter during calm "eye" of Hurricane Maria 16-22. various shots of damage and devastation in downtown Yabucoa PR 23. pushed-in shot of shredded vegetation and damaged homes in Yabucoa PR 24 & 25. shots of downed utility lines and debris in Yabucoa PR 26-32. various shots of Yabucoa city baseball Stadium destroyed by extreme winds of CAT 5 Maria 33. shot of down utility pole into a home in Yabucoa PR 34. shot of tree blocking highway leading into Yabucoa PR 35. shot of road blocked by large piles of tree debris in Yabucoa PR 36. shot of flooded highway leading into Yabucoa PR 37-39. shots of hillside vegetation shredded surrounding Yabucoa PR 40. shot of Meteorologist Juston Drake moving large tree branch on Highway 3 in Yabucoa PR 41. shot of Highway 3 with huge piles of debris blocking way leading out of Yabucoa PR 42. shot of Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer digging a single surviving bird out of several deceased from debris in Yabucoa PR 43 & 44. shots of injured Iguana shocked with injured tail in Yabucoa PR 45. shot of stunned horses foraging in Yabucoa PR Stringer: Simon Brewer & Juston Drake