Big Pine Key, FL – Power Restoration And Clean Up Continues 9/22/2017

Residents continue clean-up while power crews work on restoring power after Hurricane Imra hit the Florida Keys. Irma caused major devastation in Big Pine Key. Shot Description Residents pick through the debris around their home Resident sweeps debris off of the road in front of his house Life jacket hangs in a mangrove with destroyed house in BKGD Mailbox in a pile of debris Canal lined with destroyed houses and boats washed up on shore CU of house on Canal Big pile of Debris with Washed up boat in BKGD Woman distributing Ice to residents Power workers restoring power – C/M/W Houe buried by fallen trees Kayaks left by the roadside Foundations left where structures once stood Debris including a Toliet and a bed sitting along a canal House off it's foundation with wall ripped away INT. House sign "Seaside Bungalow" pan to missing wall INT House covered wall to wall with seaweed EXT house with mangroves washed up pan to broken boat Debris on the side of the road next to smashed boat Untouched mailbox in front of Destroyed home