Key West, FL Hurricane Irma – Water Spouts – 9/8/2017

Waterspouts south of Key West from outer edge storms from CAT 5 Hurricane Irma. Shots of evacuated and shuttered Florida Keys. Shots of final sunset over Key West before monster hurricane strikes. Shots of 1935 Labor Day Hurricane Memorial containing the remains of many victims of the most powerful hurricane to strike the United States on Islamorada with hurricane flags in the background.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness on September 8, 2017 over several Florida Keys including Islamorada, Marathon, and Key West by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-5. various shots of waterspouts and parent thunderstorm from outer edges of Hurricane Irma south of Key West FL

6. POV driving shot of empty HWY 1 causeway looking west toward end of Florida Keys before landfall of Hurricane Irma

7-9. shots of vehicles parked along HWY 1 along edge of causeways to protect from coming storm surge over the Florida Keys

10. "Hurricane" sign at boarded shop in Marathon FL

11. tattered Hurricane flags over Marathon FL

12. "Screw you Irma", "We are Marathon strong" signs in Marathon FL over business

13. driving shot of boarded and shuttered homes and businesses in Key West FL

14. "Be Gentle Irma" painted on boarded restaurant in Key West FL

15 & 16. shots of boarded and shuttered shops on famous Duval Street in heart of Old Town Key West FL

17 & 18. storm and palm trees with final sunset before Hurricane Irma slams Key West FL

19-22. various shots of boarded Key West at night with several locals staying to ride out the storm on Duval Street

23-28. various shots of the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane Memorial, which is also a tomb for many of the storm's victims on Islamorada FL. This was the strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States.