Hurricane Irma First Impacts On Nassau Bahamas – 9/8/2017

Video of the first impacts of Hurricane Irma and tropical storm force winds and large waves hitting the capital city of Nassau Bahamas
Shot Description

Clip 1 Waves crashing on the shoreline

Clip 2-3 Waves crashing over a dock

Clip 4 Waves and palm trees blowing

Clip 5 Long shot of the trees blowing with the dock in the distance

Clip 6 Palm trees blowing

Clip 7 Light house and waves

Clip 8 Wide long shot of the Atlantis Resort with pull back in the wind to the coast.

Clip 9 Waves at the beach pull back to show the whole area with the Atlantis Resort in the back ground.

Clip 10 Palm trees blowing in the wind.

Clip 11 Red Flag blowing in the wind

Clip 12 13 Waves and beach cabanas with pull back shot

Clip 14 Waves

Clip 15 Trees