Rockport, TX Hurricane Harvey Intense Winds – 8/25/2017

Hurricane Harvey formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is forecasted to make landfall as a category 3 storm on the night of 8/25/2017.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Flag is torn from flag pole in very high winds.
Shot 2: Home right on the shore gets battered by winds and waves
Shot 3: Large waves come to shore
Shot 4-5: Flag and palm trees blow in high winds.
Shot 6-7: Large waves hit sea wall.
Shot 8: High winds blow palm trees.
Shot 9: View under patio of large waves crashing
Shot 10: Looking up at palm tree in high winds
Shot 11: Large waves off coast
Shot 12: Shingles starting to get peeled back
Shot 13: High winds blows flags