Ingleside, TX Hurricane Harvey – 8/25/2017

Morning lightning with strong feeder band hitting coastline, ship rocking from high winds and choppy water, flock of birds riding strong winds, sheet metal down from high winds, boarded businesses in advance of Hurricane Harvey, increasing winds blowing vegetation and flags.

All footage shot during afternoon and morning daylight in/near Ingleside, TX on August 25, 2017 by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-3. lightning illuminates powerful feeder band over coastline as Hurricane Harvey rapidly intensifies in the early morning hours

4. sail boat rocks in high winds and choppy water as Hurricane Harvey approaches

5 & 6. shots of sheet metal down from shop torn down by high winds as Hurricane Harvey approaches Ingleside, TX

7 & 8. driving shots of businesses near Ingleside TX boarded in advance of Hurricane Harvey

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of American Flag blown by high winds

11-13. palm trees blown by increasing winds from Hurricane Harvey in Ingleside, TX

14. shot of rain and palm trees blowing against window in Hurricane Harvey

15-17. shots of flock of gulls riding increasingly high winds as Harvey approaches Ingleside, TX

18 & 19. shots of palms blowing in high winds in Ingleside TX as Harvey approaches