Manasquan, NJ Gales Summer NorEaster – 7/29/2017

A rare summer nor'easter batters the Jersey Shore with Gale force winds and high surf, effectively closing down area beaches during the height of the summer season.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Teenagers sit on the rocks near Manasquan Inlet, dangerously close to battering waves.
Scene 2: Gale force winds blow sand along Manasquan Beach. Rough surf is seen in the background.
Scene 3: A family is battered by sand and strong winds, as they sit on an abandoned lifeguard tower.
Scene 4: A Manasquan emergency vehicle stands at the ready on Manasquan Beach, as gale force winds blow sand around, and create dangerous surf conditions.
Scenes 5 – 6: A man uses a large umbrella to wind surf on his skateboard on Manasquan Beach.
Scene 7: A little girl braces herself against strong winds, and blowing sand on Manasquan Beach.
Scene 8: A group of women walk along Manasquan Beach, and brave strong winds and blowing snow.
Scene 9: A man fishes on the rocks at Manasquan Inlet, percariously close to large waves battering the shore.
Scene 10: A couple embraces on Manasquan Beach, and rough surf pounds the rocks in the background.
Scenes 11 – 12: Flags blow in strong winds, rough surf pounding the rocks in Manasquan Inlet.
Scenes 13 – 15: People walking along Manasquan Beach, braving gale force winds and blowing sand.
Scene 16: Gale force winds blow sand past a row of garbage cans on Manasquan Beach.
Scene 17: A lifeguard tower sits tipped over on Manasquan Beach, as high waves and rough surf pound the shoreline.
Scene 18: High waves and rough surf on Manasquan Beach.