Billings, MT Wildfire – 7/28/2017

During the afternoon hours on Thursday July, 27 several lightning strikes from nearby thunderstorms caused a wildfire to start in the area of Bruner Mountain, Montana northeast of Billings.

The fire quickly spread overnight growing from around 50 acres to over 800. Several homes in the area were at an immediate risk of loss, and multiple fire crews were dispatched to the area including ground, heli, and fixed-wing aircraft resources.

The crews fought throughout the day on Friday to hold back the flames. This fire comes on the heals of the LodgePole Complex fire, which was located north of the Bruner Mountain Fire, and is currently the largest fire area-wise in the US.

Evacuation orders are currently in effect for the Bruner Mountain sub-division, Rehder Rd, and Portal Road southeast of Roundup.

A Type 1 management team, the highest level of fire control, is taking over the Bruner Mountain Fire and will continue suppression efforts in the region throughout the weekend. Hazardous conditions will continue including very dry fuels and drought, and additional lighting strikes possible in the area.

Shot Description

Shot 1- Bruner Mountain Fire (wide)
Shot 2- Air tanker dropping retardant on fire
Shot 3- Fields after being burned in fire
Shot 4- Helicopter dropping water
Shot 5- Smoke rises from fire
Shot 6- Flames in fire (tight shot)
Shot 7- Flames in fire (low shot)
Shot 8- Wide shot of helicopter
Shot 9- Tight shot of helicopter bucket during refilling efforts
Shot 10- Tight shot of helicopter
Shot 11- Tight shot of water bucket
Shot 12- Helicopter flying through smoke
Shot 13- Tight shot of fire trucks
Shot 14- Firefighters fighting fire
Shot 15- Helicopter in smoke
Shot 16- Walking shot in field
Shot 17- Helicopter dropping water
Shot 18- Fireman putting our fire
Shot 19- Water dropping on flames
Shot 20- Low shot of clean up
Shot 21- Tight shot of flames
Shot 22- Helicopter water drop
Shot 23- Low shot of flames
Shot 24- Wide shot of water drop
Shot 25- Wide shot of smoke
Shot 26- Tight shot of burn area with flames
Shot 27- Tight shot of firefighters walking
Shot 28- Wide shot of helicopter
Shot 29- SOT/ Roy Zimmermann, Firefighter
Shot 30- SOT/ Kathy Skeslien, Resident impacted by fire
Shot 31- SOT/ Adam Carlson, Bruner Mountain Fire PIO