Lancaster County, PA Strong Storm Vehicle Into Guardrail 7/22/2017

Strong storms pass through several counties in south central Pennsylvania this evening. Heavy rains & gusty winds cause issues with driving on some roadways. On PA route 222 a white van with several occupants slides out of control and backwards into a guardrail. Traffic is impacted for about an hour.
Shot Description

Ephrata Pa area:

Clip 1 : Very heavy rains and gusty winds in parking lot, vehicles traveling on PA 272 in background.

Clip 2 : Very heavy rains falling on parking lot

Clip 3 : Hummer SUV driving through parking lot, man running through rain heading toward building.

Clip 4 : Slow pan from left to right showing continuing heavy rain falling in parking lot

Clip 5 : White vehile with wipers on approaching slowly through parking lot while heavy rains falling, slow zoom to vehicle, vehicle drives past on left.

Denver Pa area :

Clip 6 : Slow traffic on N/B PA 222, Semi tractor trailer merging into left lane, vehicle behind changes to right lane.

Clip 7 : Slow traffic on N/B PA 222, Sign on right side for Denver, Pa, PA Rt 272, and I-76 PA Turnpike in 1 mile.

Clip 8 : View of White van that slid out of control and into guardrail on N/B PA 222. View from S/B 222

Clip 9 : Sign for S/B PA 222

Clip 10 : View of Van crashed into guardrail on N/B side of PA 222, only 1 lane of traffic moving, vehicle occupants out by van. View from Pleasant Valley Road bridge. (medium shot)

Clip 11 : Police officer talking with driver of van (medium shot)

Clip 12 : 5 bikers on N/B side of PA 222 (Zoomed shot)

Clip 13 : Rollback positions and repositions on roadway to extract stuck van

Clip 14 : White van removed from wet grass

Clip 15 : White van leaves scene under own power.

Lancaster, Pa area :
Clip 16 : View of approaching strong storm and shelf cloud, N/B PA 222