Siesta Key Beach, FL Crazy Close Lightning & Volleyball – 7/22/2017

Morning thunderstorm with intense lightning disrupts the USA Volleyball Junior Championships at Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota FL. Great shot of very close lightning hitting a tree 150 yards away on beach. Shots of people taking risks on beach with lightning, people on beach in lightning and rain.
Clip Description

1) Siesta Key Beach sign, lightning flashes and thunder rolls.
2) Lightning hits a tree 150 yards away.
3) Slow motion of lightning hitting tree.
4,5) GC lightning over Siesta Key.
6) Close lightning over beach and people react on audio.
7) Man walking off beach in rain and lightning flashes overhead getting his attention.
8) People in beach tents trying to ride out the storm.
9) Man dragging his gear through a flooded beach in heavy rain and lightning.
10) Man walking in flooded volleyball courts in heavy rain and lightning.
11,12) USA Volleyball officiating tents getting beat up by the wind and rain.
13) Collapsed beach tent and bright lightning flash.
14) Two men walking the volleyball courts during storm.
15) Family walking the beach volleyball courts with lightning and thunder.
16) Man walking off beach in very heavy rain.
17) Couple walking off beach to escape storm.
18) Couple with umbrella walking off beach to escape storm.
19,20) Rain soaked beach volleyball courts.
21) Rain run-off erosion on beach sand.
22,23) Palm trees in wind & rain.
24,25,26) Traffic splashing in ponding water.