Severe Storms in LaCrosse, WI – 7/6/2017

Many storms developed tonight in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Strong winds Hail and heavy rain were part of these storms. The video is from the La Crosse area.
Shot Description

shot 1 wide shot storm structure La Crosse WI
shot 2 flags blowing in wind
shot 3 driving in wind rain and hail
shot 4 car under bridge in rain
shot 5 cars under bridge in wind and rain La Crosse
shot 6 semi drive by
shot 7 low shot of rain on road
shot 8 road worker moving sign in rain
shot 9 storm cell
shot 10 American flag by storm clouds
shot 11 Lightning slowed down with sprites
shot 12 cloud lightning
shot 13 tight shot lightning
shot 14 sound bites with Doug Guertin La Crosse WI.