Rice Lake, WI Lightning & Storm Damage – 7/6/2017

Strong thunderstorms moved through Barron County WI this early morning. Storms produced an intense lightning show along with strong winds which caused blowing sand/dust.. Storms also produced areas of damage.

Detailed Description

Clip 1- 4. Shows the intense lightning.
Clip 5-6. Strong winds caused blowing sand and dust.
Clip 7. Damage done to a fireworks tent from the very strong winds.
Clip 8. Wide shot of a large tree down on a garage.
Clip 9. Closer shot of the large tree on the garage.
Clip 10. Closer shot of the damaged garage.
Clip 11. Power poles downed about two miles from Rice Lake.
Clip 12. Large pine tree downed. Blocking the South bound lane of the dirt road.
Clip 13. Clip shows the downed power lines.
Clip 14. Large tree downed in a yard.
Clip 15. A windy sunrise as strong thunderstorms are moving into the area.