Key West, FL Air so clear you can see the storms over Cuba from the Keys

It's so clear and beautiful in Key West Florida you can see the thunderstorms blowing up over Cuba 90 miles to the south. Shots of towering thunderstorms blowing up over Cuba from Mallory Square in Key West from our remote control HD camera. Including NWS radar loop for proof. Various B-roll shots around from around Mallory Square, channel and Tank Island.
Shot Description

1) Key West Conch Republic flag at Mallory Square in Key West.
2,3,4,5) Four varied shots of thunderstorms blowing up over Cuba 90 miles to the south in otherwise blue skies.
6) Radar loop out of Key West showing strong convective thunderstorms over Cuba.
7) Sailboat in channel under power w/o much wind today.
8) Channel marker buoy #23.
9) View of Tank Island from Mallory Square where world famous sunsets occur.
10,11) Two shots off parasails sailing on the other side of Tank Island.