Tornado Sirens Warn Storm in KS – 06/26/2017

A tornado warned storm tracks east of Salina, Kansas on Monday, June 26th, 2017.
Shot Description

1) Storm base northwest of Salina, Kansas.

2) Developing shelf cloud northwest of Salina.

3) Storm east of Salina around the time of the reported tornado.

4) Driving east with storm moving south.

5) Gust front/roll cloud to the west.

6,7) Storm base shots southeast of Salina, Kansas.

8,9,10) Tornado warned storm just north of Gypsum, Kansas.

11) Tornado sirens sounding in Gypsum, Kansas.

12) Driving through blinding rain and wind.

13,14) Storm base shots.

15) A clerk picking up trash in the storm after winds blew over the trash cans at a gas station.

16,17) Storm base shots.

18) Driving through hail.