Dramatic Close Lightning, Hail, Gustnadoes in Hays, KS – 6/15/2017

Dramatic close lightning strikes, huge gustnadoes caused by severe high winds, hail, and semi-truck off highway near Hays KS

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on June 15, 2017 near Hays and Great Bend KS by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. Dramatic CLOSE lightning strike in Great Bend KS

2. SLOW MOTION close lightning strike in Great Bend KS

3 & 4. wide shots of large supercell over Hays KS

5. pushed-in shot of large wall cloud near Hays KS

6-12. large gustnadoes and plumes of dust from severe high winds near Hays KS

13. large severe storm bearing down on Great Bend KS with traffic

14. shot looking UP at turbulent clouds from severe storm over Great Bend KS

15-17. shots of hail falling in Great Bend KS

18-24. shots of DRAMATIC lightning strikes near Hays KS

25-29. SLOW MOTION shots of dramatic close lightning near Hays KS

30. driving shot of emergency vehicles assisting wrecked semi-truck after turning-over from high winds near Hays KS