Mulvane, KS Amazing Time lapse Lightning – 6/14/2017

Dramatic lightning from mothership supercell over Mulvane, Kansas.
Huge striated mesocyclone with rotating wall cloud looks like a giant alien mothership! Extreme lightning barrage over Mulvane, Kansas.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness on June 14, 2017 near Mulvane, KS by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. TIMELAPSE of extreme lightning over Mulvane, KS

2-7. shots of lightning illuminating severe supercell thunderstorm updraft over Mulvane, KS

8-12. shots of rotating wall cloud and striated mesocyclone from severe supercell thunderstorm over Mulvane, KS at sunset

13 & 14. dramatic flying saucer supercell thunderstorm over Mulvane, KS