Kirk, CO Severe Storms & Air Raid Sirens – 5/26/2017

A long-lived supercell forming in the foothills west of Denver moved across the eastern plains for several hours on Friday, eventually crossing into Kansas nearly 7 hours later. The storm was tornado-warned for most of its mid and late life as it turned nearly 90-degrees to the southeast and plowed down toward I-70.

Video package shot around Kirk, Colorado, which is northwest of Burlington in the far eastern part of the state. The storm was tornado-warned as it approached town, and sirens were blaring as high winds and some small hail blew into town.
Shot Description

First Seven Scenes Excellent tornado siren NAT with dramatic winds.

Scene 1: Sirens blaring as winds approaching 70mph blow into town with blinding rain.

Scene 2: Handheld shot during storm as lawn furniture blows across the yard behind the shooter. Quick pan as chair bounces to rest behind the vehicle.

Scene 3-7: Various shots of winds blowing through town at nearly 70mph as sirens continue to blare as the tornado-warned storm moves through.

Scene 8: Shot of oncoming pickup truck driving through town as the storm approaches.

Scene 9: Hail hitting the ground ahead of the storm.

Scene 10: Hail hitting the street.

Scene 11: Shot through windshield of hail hitting the highway.

Scene 12: Wide shot of low clouds hanging over Kirk, Colorado as storm gets started.

Scene 13: A 12-second timelapse of wall cloud with amazing coloring. Speed played back at 20x

Scene 14: Handheld shot of realtime wall cloud.

Scene 15: Dramatic looking wall cloud in the skies northwest of Kirk.

Scene 16: Wide shot as truck pulls out of frame of wall cloud.

Scene 17: Tight shot of wall cloud over trees.

Scene 18: Structure shot of storm approaching Kirk.

Scene 19-21: Blowing dust beneath storm's leading edge as it approaches Kirk.