Mississippi River Flooding in Union County Illinois. – 5/5/2017

Residents in towns along the Mississippi River are preparing for the major flood crest of the Mississippi River expected Saturday afternoon into the evening.

Union County Sheriff has issued a request for residents of Wolf Lake, Illinois to consider evacuating after several sand boils were discovered in the levee west of town. Officials have been working continuously to stabilize the levee and for the moment, feel the levee will hold. The Sheriff issued a release on the matter late Friday evening, and a screen grab of the official release is attached to this email with further information on the levee.

The Mississippi River in this area is already in major flood stage and is expected to crest Saturday evening shy of record levels. The river will remain in major flood stage through most of next week.

Flooding is already occurring in Union and neighboring Alexander County where video package contains clips from various locations along the river. The shot description below will include information on each location along with a shot list.
Shot Description

PART 1 – WOLF LAKE, IL (0:00-3:44)

A command base was established in Wolf Lake for those monitoring the compromised levee. Trucks have been hauling gravel, rocks, and dirt that have been dumped at the base of the levee to reinforce it after the sand boils were discovered. Some flooding has occurred in the area as a result of the river rising, but the town itself is safe for the moment.

Scene 1-3: Shots of the Wolf Lake Command Center with a hashtag of FLODFIGHTERS2K17.

Scene 4: POV driving shot on top of the levee as a dump truck is driving in reverse on the levee to the dumping spot.

Scene 5: Shot of dumper raising to pour rocks into the pile.

Scene 6: Long shot with tight and wide zoom of dump truck pouring rocks and dirt onto the ground.

Scene 7: Shot of dump truck sitting in front of rock piles with flooding in background.

Scene 8: Shot of dump truck driving passed camera.

Scene 9: Shot of dump truck driving out of sight on top of levee.

Scene 10: Panning shot of rock repair area from the ground.

Scene 11-14: Various shot from top of levee looking down at repair area.

Scene 15: Shot of various vehicles and people on levee keeping an eye on its condition.

Scene 16: Shot from behind three people looking over the field of concern.

Scene 17: Shot of levee with flooding river.

Scene 18: Shot of flooded river next to levee.

Scene 19-20: Shot of red truck parked near flood waters with mobile home submerged behind it.

Scene 21: Tight shot of submerged mobile home.

Scene 22-24: Shot of flooded road with ROAD CLOSED sign halfway submerged in water.

PART 2 – THEBES, IL (3:45-5:05)

Scene 25: Shot of Thebes Public Works building submerged nearly halfway up the building.

Scene 26: Tight shot of window and door halfway submerged in water.

Scene 27: Red house completely surrounded by flood water.

Scene 28-29: Ameren Electric Truck backing a boat into the flood waters.

Scene 30: Ameren Electric crew of three gets in a boat and shoves off into the water.

Scene 31: Shot of electric crew in the boat sailing by two homes in the flood waters.

Scene 32: Shot of crew arriving at utility pole to check on the status of a meter in the flood waters.


PART 3 – OLIVE BRANCH, IL (5:06-6:46)

Scene 33-34: Cool shot looking over flood waters to a home with a sand bag levee around the yard. One shot wide, the other tight on levee.

Scene 35-36: Home surrounded by flood waters, wide and tight shot.

Scene 37: Brown building in deep flood waters.

Scene 38: Shot of a road outside Olive Branch with wind driven water and muddy debris over the road.

Scene 39: Tight shot of wind driven water crashing onto debris pile on the road.

Scene 40: Panning shot of field that's flooded and looks like an ocean because of the wind blowing the water into white caps.

Scene 41: Static shot of wind-driven white caps in flooded field with a bunch of birds flying through the shot.

Scene 42: Shot with debris in foreground and white-capped flooding in the background.

Scene 43: Panning shot of debris lining the flooded road.

Scene 44: Shot of debris along side flooded road.