Major Flood Crest on Big Muddy River, Southern IL – 5/4/2017

The Big Muddy River at Murphysboro, IL crested Thursday afternoon at 38.4-feet, two feet shy of the all-time record and the highest crest since 2011. Flooding will slowly decrease along the river as water makes its way downstream to the Mississippi River as it reaches near record-levels of flooding from Chester, IL south to Cape Girardeau.

The flooding Big Muddy closed dozens of roads across Jackson County alone, and flooded several parts of Murphysboro, closing off other areas as well. The level of the water reached the bottom of the Route 127 bridge on the south side of town for only the second time in the city's history.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of Big Muddy River sign with major flooding going on around it.

Scene 3: Shot of the Route 127 bridge with water hitting the lower part of the bridge.

Scene 4: Tighter shot of water hitting the bottom of the bridge.

Scene 5: Really tight shot of water hitting the side of the bottom of the bridge.

Scene 6: Shot looking down at water from the bridge with water hitting it.

Scene 7: Shot looking straight down at the water from the bridge as water laps at the concrete.

Scene 8: Panning shot with a piece of wood drifting in the water to a logjam at the bridge.

Scene 9: Tight shot of logs gathering at the bridge.

Scene 10: Shot of bridge with IDOT truck in the background monitoring the river levels.

Scene 11: Tighter shot of IDOT truck monitoring river levels.

Scene 12: Shot of mobile homes in flood waters.

Scene 13: Shot of mobile homes in flood waters.

Scene 14: Shot of mobile home and shed in flood waters.

Scene 15: Tighter shot on porch of mobile home surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 16: Shot looking down at house with sandbags in yard with flood waters looming in the yard.

Scene 17: Medium shot of house with sandbags.

Scene 18: Tight shot of sandbags.

Scene 19: Shot of 4th Street with barricades up and water in the street.

Scene 20: Shot of barricaded intersection with two homes in frame, each with sand bags.

Scene 21: Shot of home with plastic tarp over fence and sandbags.

Scene 22: Shot of sandbagged home with flooding street in front.

Scene 23: Shot framed between sandbagged homes of flooded street.

Scene 24: Shot of sandbagged mobile home with water up to sandbags and home.

Scene 25: Shot of home with plastic tarp and sandbags with flood water in foreground.

Scene 26: Shot of amphitheater in city park completely surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 27: Tight shot of stage and steps with flood waters.

Scene 28: Medium shot of flooded amphitheater.

Scene 29: Shot looking down flooded street with flood waters halfway up a street light in foreground.

Scene 30: Shot of barricaded road shot over flood waters.

Scene 31: Barricaded Shoemaker Drive in south Murphysboro looking more like Shoemaker Lake.

Scene 32: Shot looking down Shoemaker Drive looking more like a lake, yield sign in background.

Scene 33: Wide shot of the Big Muddy River from the Route 127 bridge.