Sand Bagging, Flooding, w/ SOTs in Harrisburg, IL – 4/30/2017

With over a foot of rain in areas across southern Illinois over the weekend, all the flash flooding is draining into area creeks and rivers and turning a fast-moving disaster into a slow motion one as water levels are quickly rising leading to more flooding in areas already hard hit earlier in the weekend.

One such area is Harrisburg, IL, where the rising waters are creating concerns for area businesses, leading the city to post on Facebook that they were looking for volunteers to help fill sandbags, and starting with six city workers in the morning, the volunteers jumped to over 40 by lunchtime, including student sports players from Harrisburg High School.

The video package focuses on sandbag filling at a city water building where volunteers filled sandbags and loaded them on to a truck, then shifts to the Brookstone Estates Senior Living Center where more volunteers unloaded those sandbags in front of doors at each unit to help keep water out.

Video includes four SOTs, two from city workers, and two high school students, each listed in the shot description below.

NOTE: Harrisburg Officials closed down Rt 45 on the south side of Harrisburg where water continues to rise. They closed down the city Walmart and other businesses in the strip mall near the Walmart as of 10pm Sunday night.

Water is expected to rise in many areas all over southern IL over the coming days.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of sandbagging efforts at the water building in Harrisburg.

Scene 2: Shot of endloader dumping sand on the floor from behind.

Scene 3: Shot of endloader dumping sand on the floor from the side with bunch of people standing around.

Scene 4: Shot from front of endloader dumping sand and volunteers immediately shoveling it up into bags.

Scene 5: Shot of people bagging sand.

Scene 6: Low shot of sand being poured into bags.

Scene 7: Shot of people loading bags, then pans to a volunteer tying closed the bag.

Scene 8: Shot of volunteer tying a bag, then adding to a growing pile.

Scene 9: Shot of people shoveling sand from the floor.

Scene 10: Shot of people loading the back of a truck full of sanbags.

Scene 11: Shot of people loading the truck with sandbags.

Scene 12: Shot of people loading truck full of sandbags.

Scene 13: Panning shot circling the sandbagging crew as they work.

Scene 14: Shot walking behind a guy with a sandbag on each shoulder loading into a truck.

Scene 15-16: Shots of people throwing bags into a truck.

Scene 17: Shot of truck loaded with sandbags as volunteer throws bags into the pile.

Scene 18: Endloader loading up sand to be dumped for bag filling.


SOT 1: Volunteer Jordan Bartok, Harrisburg High School Student/Football Player

SOT 2: Beth Montford, Harrisburg Public Safety Commissioner

SOT 3: Mike Weirauch, Harrisburg Public Property Commissioner

Scene 19: POV driving shot following behind one of the trucks taking sandbags to their destination.

Scene 20: Establishing shot of Harrisburg's Brookstone Estates Senior Living Center with flooding creeping up to building.

Scene 21: Wide shot of sandbag truck with flooding in foreground.

Scene 22: Tight shot of sandbag truck in parking lot of center.

Scene 23: Shot of truck with City of Harrisburg on door and a trailer filled with sandbags.

Scene 24: People unloading sandbags into a pile in front of the building.

Scene 25: Shot of sandbags in foreground and volunteers in background.

Scene 26: Shot walking with a girl hauling a sandbag to a door.

Scene 27: Panning shot with several high school volunteers hauling sandbags.

Scene 28: High school student with orange shirt hauling sandbag.

Scene 29: Students bringing sandbags to another student who is placing them at a door.

Scene 30: Students walking away from door.

Scene 31: Panning shot of sandbags in front of the building.

Scene 32: Shot of sandbag pile in the parking lot.

Scene 33: Wide shot of center with a parade of people hauling sandbags.

SOT 4: Volunteer Karrigan Bush, Harrisburg High School Student, Volleyball Player