Canton, TX Tornado Aftermath SOTs – 4/30/2017

Daytime damage video after a wedge Tornado hit Canton Texas. Chainsaws and heavy equipment are needed to move massive trees laying on streets and homes. Neighbors help pickup up lost items from the damaged homes. SOTS with three people who survived the Tornado.
Shot Description

shot 1 wide shot from roof
shot 2 downed power pole
shot 3 large tree on house
shot 4 tight shot house damage
shot 5 pole workers
shot 6 power poles on ground
shot 7 wrecked car in field
shot 8 throwing logs on field
shot 9 damaged building and tree
shot 10 wide shot damaged farm
shot 11 uprooted tree
shot 12 pole damage
shot 13 roof damage
shot 14 destroyed building
shot 15 chainsaw
shot 16 tight chainsaw
shot 17 damaged car by house
shot 18 trailer house damaged
shot 19 neighbors hugging
shot 20 wide shot house damage
shot 21 tight shot people checking damage
shot 22 damage and traffic
shot 23 house damage
shot 24 house and tree damage
shot 25 business damage
shot 26 tree split
shot 27 car totaled
shot 28 sound Martha Weatheral
shot 29 jeff Hague
shot 30 Whitney hughes