Southern, IL Evening Storms Flooding – 4/29/2017

Day two of incredibly heavy rain and storms moved across southern IL after a break during the afternoon. A large line of slow moving storms pushed into the already heavily hit areas of southern IL and added to flooding issues across the region. Yesterday's totals ran upwards of 7 inches and Saturday's round added another 1-2 inches.

Video package a two parter, shot in West Frankfort in Franklin County and in Marion in Williamson County.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Pickup truck driving through a flooded road in West Frankfort.

Scene 2: SUV plows through water that goes up over the hood.

Scene 3: Car driving slow through flood waters going up to the headlights.

Scene 4: Oncoming SUV driving through a flooded street.

Scene 5: Pickup truck driving across a flooded intersection.

Scene 6: Pickup truck driving slowly through a deep flooded street.

Scene 7: White van driving through flood waters.

Scene 8: Several vehicles driving through flooded roads.

Scene 9: End loader driving through a flooded intersection, followed by several other vehicles.

Scene 10: Car driving through flooded road.

Scene 11: Cars driving through flooded intersection.

Scene 12: Oncoming car driving through ponding on a road.

Scene 13: Route 37, a main route in southern IL, closed on the south side of West Frankfort due to water running over the road. Shot of IDOT truck blocking road as heavy rains fall.

Scene 14: Shot of WATER OVER ROAD sign with water spilling over Rt 37.

Scene 15: Shot of ROAD CLOSED AHEAD sign with IDOT truck in heavy rain.

Scene 16: POV driving shot in West Frankfort during evening storm.

Scene 17: Wide shot of rain falling over West Frankfort.

PART 1 (3:02-4:21) MARION, IL

Scene 18: Marion home surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 19: Stop sign in flood waters going up to nearly the bottom of the sign.

Scene 20: Wide shot of flooded intersection with stop sign.

Scene 21: Flooded street with various signs.

Scene 22: Shot of intersection with several stop signs in the water.

Scene 23: Flooded playground.

Scene 24-25: POV driving shots in heavy rain on I-57 near Marion.