Canton, TX Up Close Violent Wedge Tornado and Aftermath SOT – 4/29/2017

During the afternoon hours of April 29 a large tornado formed near the town of Eustace, TX. The tornado moved north from the town of Eustace, crossed highway 19, and then passed to the east of Canton. The tornado crossed I-20 striking the vehicles of several motorists and then destroyed the I-20 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram car dealership located at I-20 and farm road 17.
Shot Description

Shot 1- Wide shot of wedge tornado crossing I-20 at Farm Road 17
Shot 2- Tight shot of tornado crossing highway 19 south of Canton
Shot 3- Tight shot of tornado vorticies over highway 19
Shot 4- Wide shot of tornado debris field
Shot 5- Wide shot of tornado over highway 19 south of Canton
Shot 6- Tight shot of base of tornado with good nat sound
Shot 7- Tight shot of base of tornado
Shot 8- Tight shot of tornado going through threes
Shot 9- Wide shot from car of tornado
Shot 10- Search and rescue at car dealership
Shot 11- Wrecked cars on hill
Shot 12- Destroyed cars piled up
Shot 13- Tree into car
Shot 14- Mangled cars
Shot 15- Damaged trees with firetruck responding
Shot 16- Triage with tornado victim
Shot 17- Wide shot of dealership with storm
Shot 18- Wide shot destroyed dealership
Shot 19- People searching through debris field
Shot 20- Trucks on side
Shot 21- Canton Fire truck with destroyed cars
Shot 22- Wrecked pick-up truck (tight)
Shot 23- Emergency vehicles in tornado damage path
Shot 24- Tornado victim retrieving items from car (Erin Stevenson)
Shot 25- Car dealership shot
Shot 26- Dealership interior shot
Shot 27- Rear dealership shot
Shot 28- Outside shot of dealership
Shot 29- SOT, Tornado Victim Erin Stevenson