Marion, IL Overnight Night Heavy Rain & Street Flooding – 4/28/2017

The opening rounds of strong storms and heavy rains developed late Friday evening across southern IL and began their march across the state. Several warnings were issued, including severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings early as storms developed along the warm front. Later, they congealed into multiple waves, and will continue through the night bringing high chances of flash flooding across the region. Flood Watches are in effect all weekend with half a foot or more of rain possible in parts of the area.

Video shot in Marion, IL after 10pm as first significant rain makers moved in. More storms are following and will likely lead to flash flooding overnight.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot of gas station as rain falls.

Scene 2-3: Shots of heavy falling rain in street lights.

Scene 4-5: Shots of traffic in heavy rain with occasional flashes of lightning.

Scene 6: POV driving shot in heavy rain in Marion.

Scene 7: Multiple vehicles driving through street flooding in Marion.

Scene 8-17: Various shots of vehicles driving toward and away from camera through street flooding.

Scene 18: Truck at intersection in heavy falling rain.

Scene 19: Rain falling in puddles in parking lot pavement.