Southern, IL Evening Severe Storms Package – 4/26/2017

Severe storms continued their rampage across southern Illinois with multiple rounds of storms hammering the region all through the day on Wednesday. Dozens of wind damage reports came in across the region as storms blew through with winds up to 80mph at times. Multiple bows formed and trained through with torrential rains and minor flooding also a problem as the evening went on.

Video package shot across southern IL in various locations, see shot description section for locations of clips.
Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-1:05) Du Quoin, IL in Perry County

Scene 1: Shot of storm clouds on approaching Du Quoin.

Scene 2: Shot of gas station in town with close lightnig strike and excellent NAT of loud thunder.

Scene 3-4: POV driving shots of blinding rains along Rt. 154 north side of Du Quoin.

Scene 5: High winds and rain at another gas station in town.

Scene 6: POV driving shots in town after storm with minor ponding on road.

PART 2 (1:06-2:09) Sessor, IL in Franklin County

Scene 7: Girl on her phone standing next to a semi that was flipped over in high winds on Rt. 154 on the west side of Sessor, Illinois.

Scene 8: Shot from front of flipped semi in ditch along Rt. 154 with emergency flashers going.

Scene 9: Shot from side of flipped semi.

Scene 10: Panning shot of semi from cab to trailer.

Scene 11: Shot of windshield where driver escaped vehicle through hole in the glass.

Scene 12: Tight shot of cab of semi.

Scene 13: Wide shot of flipped semi.

Scene 14: IDOT vehicle pulling away from the scene of flipped semi.

PART 3 (2:10-3:03) Du Quoin, IL in Perry County

Scene 15: Large tree limb blocking a residential street in town.

Scene 16: Bulldozer arriving to clear the large limb.

Scene 17: Great shot of bulldozer lifting limb from road, swinging it to the yard, and dropping in the grass.

Scene 18-20: Shots of police blocking off a residential street due to a down power line in the road, taken down by falling limbs.

PART 4 (3:04-5:21) Marion, IL in Williamson County

Scene 21-24: Various shots of storm structure of the fourth bow echo to move into southern IL.

Scene 25-26: POV driving shots of blinding rains on I-57 on the south side of Marion.

Scene 27: POV driving shot of a motocyclist on I-57 in the rain.

Scene 28-34: Various shots of vehicle driving through street flooding in Marion.

Scene 35: Down street sign in Marion.