Russelville Arkansas Storm Damage – 4/26/2017

Strong winds, tornado warnings, street flooding, and hail occurred during the daytime hours northwest of Little Rock in the town of Russellville, Arkansas. Power was knocked out to parts of the city and wind damage was noted including several structures.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Tight shot of fallen trees destroying vehicles
Shot 2: Wide shot of trees on cars
Shot 3: Power crews responding to power outages
Shot 4: Uprooted trees after storms
Shot 5. Wide shot of trees
Shot 6: Police responding to damage areas blocking roads
Shot 7: Ambulance responding
Shot 8: Trees on power lines
Shot 9: Tight shot of trees on lines
Shot 10: Flash flooding on streets
Shot 11: Building damage to home
Shot 12: Wide shot of home and trees
Shot 13: Intersection in power outage area
Shot 14: Tight shot of traffic lights w/o power
Shot 15: Wide shot of trees down
Shot 16: SOT: Terri West, Russellville resident