Hays, KS Extreme Hail & Flash Flooding – 4/12/2017

A thunderstorm virtually stalled out over the city of Hays Kansas and dropped an incredible amount of hail and rain that caused street flooding. Footage shows great storm structure, heavy rain, flash flooding, hail and flooded streets.
Shot Description

Clip 1-2 Amazing storm structure developing over Hays, KS.

Clip 3 Thunderstorm forming with a well defined clear slot.

Clip 4 Base of the cloud.

Clip 5 Heavy rain starts in Hays, KS.

Clip 6 Heavy rain and flash flooding as the hail begins to fall.

Clip 7 Heavy rain and heavy hail falling in high winds.

Clip 8 Hail falling.

Clip 9 Me talking about the hail.

Clip 10 -11 Hail falling out the passenger side of the car in the grass.

Clip 12 – 13 POV hail falling.

Clip 14 Lots of hail falling out the driver side window.

Clip 15 Hail and flooding.

Clip 16 Driving in hail covered roads and showing hail covering the ground.

Clip 17 People watching the hail fall.

Clip 18 More hail and flooding.

Clip 19 Driving and showing the massive hail cover the ground.

Clip 20 -21 Flash Flooding.

Clip 22 Car stalled in flash flooding.

Clip 23 Vehicles driving in the flash flooding.

Clip 24 Flooded roads with hail on the side of the water.

Clip 25 Flooded roadway.