Alamogordo, NM Vivid Lightning and Hail Storm – 4/12/2017

Vivid lightning, heavy rain and hail just east of Alamogordo, NM on Highway 82 in Otero, County. The storm rolled along the highway dropping Amazing Lightning and then went severe warned as the hail started coming down harder.
At one point the hail was also joined by falling rocks as a DOT worker cleared off of some rock debris that fell from the cliff face.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Vivid Lightning fills the sky as multiple bolts hit the ground.

Clip 2 Road crew clearing the road from fallen rocks.

Clip 3 Heavy rain.

Clip 4 Hail covering the ground and the roadway like snow.

Clip 5 Fog created by the hail.

Clip 6 Hail falling as we pull off to the side of the road.

Clip 7 Hail falling.

Clip 8 Hail falling and hitting the hood of the vehicle.

Clip 9 – 10 Driving in heavy hail falling with hail covering the highway.