Otago Peninsula New Zealand Stunning Foggy Sunrise – 3/17/2017

A summer temperature inversion helps create rolling fog in the valleys of the Otago Peninsula before sunrise. Looking out along the coast towards Hoopers Inlet, the fog covers the view extending past the Pacific Ocean with hills peaking from the fog. As seen from Highcliff Road near Pukehiki, a small hilltop settlement just a half hour drive from Dunedin, New Zealand. Video time is accelerated.
Shot Description

00:00 – Wide: Fog covers Hoopers Inlet and the Pacific Ocean with hills peaking through shortly before sunrise.
00:43 – Wide: Fog is pushed to the hill slopes with nowhere to go but up.
01:08 – Mid: The sun emerges over the horizon as clouds roll like waves.
01:34 – Wide: The sun continues to rise over Hoopers Inlet with hills peaking through fog.
02:06 – Close Up: Fog rolls, rises, and travels as the sun rises in the distance.
03:21 – Mid: Fog is pushed over hills and through the valley into Otago Harbour.
03:43 – Mid: A harbor cone peaks over the rising fog.
04:01 – Close Up: The peak of a hill appears to sink as the rolling fog rises.
04:13 – Mid: The sun continues to rise with hills appearing like islands over the rolling fog.
04:33 – Wide: Sun rising over rolling fog with hills.
04:48 – Close Up: Hill surrounded by rolling fog.
05:23 – Mid: A harbor cone is obscured by rising fog briefly.
05:50 – Wide: Fog rises higher with landscape slowly disappearing behind waves.